Thursday, May 31, 2012

memorial week end at the cabin 2012

We had a fabulous week end at the cabin this year. All the kids and cousins could make it and the weather co operated beautifully. There is so much to do at the cabin I didn't hear a single ..I'm bored.. out of any one's mouth. Fishing,pedal boating, kayaking, (Aiden kept trying to go for a swim but the ice had only come off the lake 4 weeks before) quading, hanging out, reading and visiting. Dale caught a couple fish, we found a beaver dam, saw a moose and coyote and really felt like we had spent some time away from home. The whole family made some snazzy tye dye t shirts that turned out great. The food was delicious and I really treasure that family time with out the interruptions. Hoping this can be an annual event for many more years.

very last preschool field trip

We went to Hovander Park on Wednesday for the very last preschool field trip ever. The rain was drizzling a bit but thankfully stopped so the kids could enjoy the animals, pond and park.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

summer to do list

Summer night market in Richmond
Alta lake camping trip
Mall of America
Visit ND grandparents
Riverboat on the Mississippi
Dance camp
Fir creek
Blueberry picking
Water slides
Swimming lessons
Football camp
Dance camp
Bike rides
Baseball games
Memorial day trip to the cabin
Labor day to Gabriola island
Take the kids to the where we were married and have a picnic
Play frisbee
Water gun wars

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Friday, May 25, 2012

kindergarten orientation

Amelia had her kindergarten orientation! She followed a tour through the school and is so excited to be at the big kid school next year!

Monday, May 21, 2012

preschool art show

Amelia celebrated the end of the preschool year by inviting us to her preschool art show. The student's art was displayed gallery style and we were able to admire Amelia and her classmates masterpieces. Tres magnifique!

Saturday, May 19, 2012 to sea

Aiden participated in the Jr.Ski to Sea race this year. It was a really fun relay race consisting of 1.5 mile run, 3 legged race, 3 mile bike, soccer and obstacle course leg. Aiden did the soccer portion of the race.The weather was beautiful and he participated with a great group of kids. I can see this is the start of an annual event in our household.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

mothers day 2012

What a beautiful day. I woke up to a blue sky and shining sun, everyone was asleep and I couldn't resist the urge to throw on my running shoes and go for a quick run. I had no pain in my leg and I felt I could run forever but I knew better. When I arrived home, everyone was still asleep so I hopped in the shower and put on some pjs so my family could bring me coffee in bed. One of my favorite traditions. I was spoilt with sweet handmade cards and flowers. After church we went to Semiahmoo for brunch and then up to Canada for a family BBQ. Just a perfect day to share with the ones I love the most.

Friday, May 11, 2012

teacher appreciation poem

It's teacher appreciation week at school. Thursday the kids were to make a card or write a poem for their teacher. Aiden wrote a name poem for his teacher that made me smile.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

teacher memory book

I bought this Dr. Seuss classic when Aiden was a baby. I've heard it's a popular book to give at high school graduation. But I just found a way to make this book a much more personal gift. You have your child's teacher sign the book each year and when they graduate they have a personal message from each teacher to help send them on their way... Aiden's preschool teacher is retiring this year and I've sent his book to be signed and I'm able to play catch up at the elementary school pretty easily. I found another copy for Amelia today and I'll definitely have her preschool teachers sign before she finishes preschool at the end of the month.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

may date: lame-o old people style

Saturday night we had our monthly date. Live music at the Wild Buffalo. Dale has been wanting to go since we were in college and it's never happened. That's what this year is all about. Going out and crossing all those things off the list! We went out for a drink at Boundary Bay because my meticulous internet research told me doors open at 8p and the band started at 930p. I wanted to arrive 'fashionably late' a few minutes after 9p. Backtrack to Boundary Bay.... Dale ordered a blond ale but they didn't have any... in honor of Cinco de Mayo they had brewed their blond ale with chili peppers. Dale gave it a try.Halfway through he said he was really starting to feel the heat. He didn't quite finish his pint. It was close to 9p by then and I wanted to make sure we got a decent seat at the Buffalo. We arrived at the Wild Buffalo, paid for our tickets and entered a COMPLETELY empty bar. Of course we secured the best seat in the house and grabbed a few drinks. Sat down at the table and checked our phones. 910 and the first band was slated to start at 10p ( contrary to my Internet research). Dale was starting to feel the effects of his chili pepper beer with a wicked case of heartburn. So what do two ( late) thirty something's do in a bar when it's just the two of us. We pull out our phones and start texting other people (how romantic). We quickly realized we weren't that lame comparative to other people our age at home sitting on the couch watching pvr'd episodes of Jimmy Fallon! Finally around 1030 the first band started. The music was okay but we were waiting for the headliners.....1140p Five Alarm Funk finally took the stage! They were good but by then we were $50 bucks in for the sitter and feeling like it was bedtime. We made it home shortly after midnight and called it a night. Maybe something to try again when the kids are out of town....

friday night art walk

Last Friday we were able to stroll through downtown checking out children's art work displayed in local business windows. We found our favorite third grade boy's paper and glue media of spring flowers! Afterwards, we enjoyed the rare Bellingham sunshine while sitting outside on the patio at LaFiamma pizza. Yum.


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