Monday, March 31, 2008

"Mom... what does honey taste like?" Aiden got the "Bee Movie" for Easter and has watched it close to 10 times since. I am a little surprised that it took him this long to realize he's never tasted honey. I offered up a honey sandwich ( with the same honey jar we've had since he was born) and he liked it.

week end recap

Dale has started taking the kids to the pool on Friday nights. The kids love it but I don't think I 'll be joining them too soon. The idea of hanging out in a bathing suit in mildly freezing water is not my idea of a good time. Amelia loves to splash in 2 inches of water and run around the pool deck. That does not sound fun at all!

My parents came down Friday night to watch the kids Saturday. Dale had to work and I had a scrapbook dealie. We woke up to snow on Saturday and it continued throughout the day. Perfect day to be inside. Amelia was a little under the weather and spent the day on Grandpa's lap. While he worked on his laptop she was distracted with his blackberry. I guess she would only tolerate my Mom to change her diapers and then it was back to Grandpa. (nice deal Grandpa!) I got 10 layouts and a mini book completed.

Aiden and I had a movie date yesterday. It was fun to spend some alone time with my little guy. I can't believe he's five. We checked out "Horton Hears a Who." It was pretty good. Amelia stayed home with Daddy to work on a speaker wire project. The concrete guy showed up just as we were leaving for the movie. I think our patio will happen soon!

Friday, March 28, 2008

sweet boy

Yesterday I was showing Dale the giant hole in my shirt and how it would be going in the trash can that night. Aiden pipes up from the table " That's too bad Mom that shirt looks great on you!" We haven't really discussed compliments with him but he seems to have figured them out quite well. Some day he will make someone very happy.

Miss Meelers at 14 months

Amelia is turning into such an adorable little girl with the sweetest qualities.
1) she loves any stuffed animal and likes to walk around with them in her arms and stops to give it a big squeeze after a few steps
2) she meows when you ask her what a cats says ( she will also meow for any other animal so I just ask about the cat to keep her looking smart)
3) she starts bopping to any musical beat ( the other day she got a hold of my car keys and hit the panic button when I tracked her down with the keys she was bopping up and down the the beat of the honking horn)
4) if Aiden is crying she will go to him and pat his back or give him a hug
5) she gives me the best hugs ( really tight squeeze followed by a pat on the back {only me} and I love it!)
6) she insists on wearing her butterfly housecoat all day (over her clothes) she likes to be cozy

Thursday, March 27, 2008

cute table setting

Through some web wanderings saw this cute table setting that would be super cute for a sleepover theme party. Luckily I have quite a few years before that type of party is popular with my kids!

star of the week

This week Aiden is star of the week in his classroom. They make a poster about themselves and get to be the "line leader." Very exciting stuff. He also brought a game to school that hopefully the other kids enjoy!

easter pics

Here's a few pictures from Easter. The Easter bunny came to our house and Grandma's!

"mother" nature

This morning when I went into Amelia's room she had put all her stuffed animals under her blanket. When she saw me she lifted the blanket, picked up her bear and gave it a big hug. Too cute!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

the lip

Rebecca captured Amelia's lip curl just seconds before she started crying. Her son had just hit Amelia over the head with a car and our first reaction was to get a picture of Amelia's face. Nice mommies.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

easter preparations

Aiden and I dyed eggs on Friday afternoon. I made sugar cookies last Sunday and pretty much ate every single one by Tuesday. Sugar cookies are like crack to me. Once I start I can't stop eating them so I think my kids are going to have to live their lives without sugar cookies inside the home. Just too tempting! Aiden set out the Easter baskets tonight and wanted to leave carrots for the bunny. He carefully placed the carrots between the two baskets so the bunny would fill both baskets. Then he started asking all sorts of questions about the Easter bunny ie: how does he get in the house, what time does he come, where does he live? I don't know these answers! Is there some sort of parent handbook that hasn't been shared with me??

easter egg hunt

Today we had a wonderful time at Amy and Elizabeth's annual Easter egg hunt. The weather was great and Amelia loved her first hunt. Lots of walking around with the basket and not wanting to empty her eggs. I think her total count was 4 and Aiden found 16! It was great to visit and have brunch at the park with all our friends. Thanks for a great time!

Friday, March 21, 2008

dirty little secret

I have a confession... I didn't floss my teeth everyday. I think I'm not the only one so I thought I would share the greatest invention since sliced bread (maybe you already know about). These dental floss picks are so easy to use and so much easier for Aiden than me trying to cram my hands and dental floss into his mouth each night! Now the whole family is flossing every night and it makes me feel a bit like a better person. Can you believe we woke up to snow this morning? Nice second day of spring.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

remember last August

when my sister got married. Well I finally have some pictures!

thank you

to my wonderful grandparents who saved the day yesterday! I woke up sick (like throwing up every 15 minutes sick) at 6am yesterday. Just in time for Dale to be halfway to work where he carpools with 4 other people and an hour and 10 minutes away and can't come home! I was stuck. I called my grandparents who live an hour away and in a hour and half they were both here to take care of my kids. Also a big thanks to my friend Jodi that filled in until my grandparents got here. I am so lucky that I have these special people in my life. These are the same grandparents that came and stayed at our house while I was waiting to be induced with Amelia. My grandpa drove my to the hospital a few times for my nst's and what would turn out to be cancelled inductions. Also the same grandparents that came down once a week after Amelia was born and brought me dinner, played with the kids, let me sleep and tidied my house. I know how lucky I am but I just wanted to share it with you guys!

Monday, March 17, 2008

lil miss sunshine

Happy St.Patrick's Day

This is the only picture I could get before her nap. And now the shirt is in the garbage after an out of diaper experience during nap time! Don't worry I have some super cute ones to make up for it!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

How To Get Off A Mailing List

click on the title to sign up for less junk mail! Your welcome.

click on this title to opt out of junk mail.

Happy Birthday Buck!

Today is my stepdad's 60th birthday. We had a little family surprise party yesterday in Canada. I love my stepdad! He married my Mom when I was eighteen and just starting to worry about my Mom living the rest of her life alone as we grew up and out of the house. Buck has added lots of adventure and love to our family. He's always fun to be around and willing to help at a moment's notice. He makes a pretty fine Grandpa too! Happy Birthday!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

does this bathing suit...

make me look fat? Amelia loves to go to the pool and she's always splashing and trying to wiggle out Dale's arms. This suit has built in float panels which gives Amelia a lil girth but helps her Daddy out!

Friday, March 14, 2008

photo organization

This morning I finally got my photos organized. There wasn't an overwhelming number of digital images because I lost most of them last November. Since them I am careful to not delete images off my camera until I have made a picture cd. But now I have "a system". At the end of each month I burn a cd for that months' pictures. On the front of the cd case I list the date and contents of pictures. I do not store my photo cd's and blank cd's together because it just makes it simpler. "My system" is that I will now order my photos online for that month. Pictures I plan to scrapbook and put in photo albums or share with family. I still need to get all black photo albums and scrapbooks and then display them on shelves in the family room. I have been terrible about printing pictures for traditional photo albums since I started scrapbooking but now I hope for all this to change!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

easter stuff

The grass has grown! It took about 10 days so if you want to have it in time for Easter, start today! I still need to put the candles in. I worked on another Easter project this week end. Hole punch eggs. The end result is really cute but I don't think I have enough time this year. It takes over an hour to do one egg! I have one down and about eight to go (maybe next year).

the great outdoors

With the tease of spring around the corner I dragged out a few items to put in the garden. My birdbath always makes me happy because it was a gift for my first Mother's Day. Now it has some cute company! Aiden painted a pet rock that is perched inside the birdbath and I can enjoy both from the kitchen window. Speaking of spring and happy things - Dale and Aiden have started to dig out the area for a new patio in the backyard. There really isn't a place to sit with chairs in the backyard but things will be different this summer! Maybe I will even get one of those fancy chaise lounges and train my kids to bring me iced tea and fan me on hot summer days.

deja vu

Yesterday I looked over on the couch and Amelia was sitting there hanging out but for a split second I really thought it was Aiden. It probably didn't help that she was wearing his old overalls.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

ch ch changes

Last week our 10 year old couch cushion tore. I am pretty impressed that it has stood up this long. The only thing wrong with the couch is the tear on both sides of one cushion. It has stood up to trampoline/monster truck ramp/super hero crashing duty for the past few years and it finally has started to show a bit of wear. This has caught me completely off guard because our plan is to do our main floor remodel in a few years when the kids are not so destructive. I wanted to choose new furniture and hopefully reconfigure the room a bit at that time. Now I am faced with the dilemma of a new couch vs slipcover and I am really undecided. Dale took apart the enormous entertainment center last night and moved the tv portion alongside the fireplace. I always complain that I would like to watch tv when I'm working in the kitchen and now I can. We also rearranged the furniture so I am not constantly looking at the nasty tear in the couch and can forget about it for awhile! What do you think?

Sunday, March 9, 2008

wish I had my camera (sort of)

Today Dale was a little under the weather and spent the day in bed. That left Meelers and me! ( Aiden is living the good life at my sister's this week end.) We went to the park. I let her wander around the pea gravel and she was fascinated with it. She layed on her stomach and made a snow (rock) angel in the rocks. It was adorable and precious and I enjoyed every minute of it. I briefly wished I had my camera to catch the moment but then I think I enjoyed it more because there was no distraction of trying to capture the moment.

eat your vegtables

Amelia snacking on some peas!

he's a keeper!

Last night I arrived home to this sight! It looked pretty good to me considering I thought I would be spending my Sunday cleaning the family room carpet. Last week I came home to list titled " Jen's Requirements for Satisfactory Living!" Dale had listed all the projects I wanted done around the house and how much it would cost. It was a lot. I think him cleaning the carpets was his way of saying lets just enjoy what we have. It sort of worked!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

baking day

Yesterday Aiden and I baked up a storm! My ulterior motive is that I needed to hollow some eggs for a super cute Easter project. When I turned my back Aiden had helped himself to the cake batter. It's hard to get mad at your kid when I used to do the same thing!

i do my own stunts...

one of these days I'm going to have to get a picture of her standing on the car because that's usually what she's trying to do!


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