Friday, August 27, 2010

grossest thing evah...

Yesterday we were going through the border and noticed a 'fur farm' truck waiting to go through customs. As soon as the truck stopped it was swarmed by crows. Apparently the top of the truck cargo was open and the crows were swooping down and flying away with bits of 'white stuff' in their beaks. Dale pointed out the 'white bits' were probably hunks of fat off the untreated fur pelts. As we were waiting our turn in the border line to be questioned what we would be bringing into the country, I couldn't help but think we couldn't have anything remotely as offensive as the 'fur farm' truck contents.
*sorry there won't be any pictures to share from the week end. After I loaded up four people and all their stuff including 3 bicycles, 2 scooters, helmets, a Wii and balance board, a wheelchair, crutches and a shower chair- I forgot my camera- imagine that.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

need your shoes tied?

I know a certain seven year old that could help you out. But he doesn't want me tell anyone he didn't learn how to tie shoes until he was seven so I'm not going to name any names...

Friday, August 20, 2010

lil stompers

Amelia had her last day of dance camp today. She absolutely loved to be back at the dance studio twirling and leaping. Dance classes start back up the week after next. Where did the summer go?


the past few weeks seem too have derailed my life a little bit. I was shocked at the absolute terrible timing of Dale's accident. We had just ordered our cabinets,flooring and granite and signed the contracts to commit to pay for everything in the next 6 weeks using the majority of our savings (who knew you really do need that emergency fund?) Dale's injury required him to be transferred to the scariest hospital I've ever set foot in. The ER waiting room was quite the experience. I felt like my safe and cozy life had just been ripped out from under my feet. But then it just didn't seem to stop. We had a plumbing leak over the week end that I was in Seattle with Dale that ruined the kitchen hardwood and playroom ceiling and flooring where we were planning on setting up a temporary kitchen. Dale had to wait 3 days for surgery and then the day of his surgery we found out some upsetting health news about my sweet Grandpa. I felt that everything was falling apart at once and I had no control over anything. But...everything did not fall apart instead we have been witness to the most unbelievable amount of selflessness and genorosity from friends and family. We cannot express our gratitude enough but please know Dale and I incredibly grateful for all of you.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Dale had his surgery yesterday morning and everything went really well. He was back in his room before lunch. He spent most of the day snoozing and pushing his pain med button. Last night they switched his pain medicine and it really seemed to help. Dale has a large incision over his right pelvis area covered with a dressing and a drain to collect extra blood and fluid. Hopefully, the drain will come out tomorrow. He got out of bed before lunch today and made a few steps with his walker. I missed the whole thing or I would have loved to gotten a picture of Dale in his hospital gown and chicken legs. Dale will hopefully be discharged on Friday in the meantime he is in room 612 and you can send him a message through this linkclick here
*I just realized there is a gift link on the same page, emails only please!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

bad news

Yesterday, Dale was trying to impress his seven year old son by doing jumps at the bike park. He took a really bad spill and broke his plevis. We are currently at Harborview awaiting surgery for a top rated surgeon for this particular surgery but this could take several days. Poor Dale has 10 pounds of traction hanging off his right leg and they had to insert the traction pin twice last night through his femur bone. I think I was witness to a see one, do one, teach one that didn't go well. His surgery will take about 4 hours and he will be staying in the hospital a few days following with no weight bearing on the right leg for 6-8 weeks. Please keep him in your prayers and thoughts.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

good news!

We just got Aiden's MRI results from last week and everything looks pretty good. He has mildly prominent medial veins in his legs (which anyone can see when he wears shorts) but the blood flow is good. There is a small group of varicosities in his left thigh muscle that will be followed up by ultrasound in a year. His kidneys looked normal with no evidence of syndromes that can be associated with his type of birthmark. We don't need to do anything (no compression stockings/garment) right now and will follow up in a year!


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