Friday, April 30, 2010


sweetest baby Linden Elliott! Last night he was born to my sister Ashleigh and her husband Burton at 8:03pm he weighs 2 pounds 13oz and measures 37cm. He was born at 27 weeks but seems to be quite feisty. We are so thankful for his safe delivery! He will be living in the NICU for the next several weeks and welcome all your prayers and love for this precious little boy.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

a week in my life: sunday

-wake up and have coffee outside
- Dale and the kids make waffles for breakfast
- go to church
- help out in the preschool room
- home for lunch
- work on Amelia's nightie
- Dale plants vegetable garden
- Aiden has birthday party out at Lake Padden
- make French 75 cocktail for book club
- book club
- bedtime!

a week in my life: saturday

-woke up the Loffler's
-make a run for the border before the Canadian shoppers
-stop at the Starbucks for a quick coffee and breakfast sandwich
-we are really tired this morning (the kids were up most of the night)too tired to get my camera out
- make it home
-have a 20 minute power nap
- take hanging baskets down to Haggens to be filled (they are out of grass liners)
-go to Joanns for liners but they are sold out as well
-find some cute fabric for Amelia to make some summer nighties
- go to dreaded Kmart for grass liners
-back to Haggens, but plants and they plant my hanging baskets while I shop
-home, lunch
- first family movie - we go to Disney Oceans- good movie but Amelia is too young to stay entertained through a whole movie (also the giant lemonade makes both kids have to take several bathroom breaks)
- back home, Dale mows lawn gets a little help from Amelia
- I make dinner by myself (very rare not to have Amelia my kitchen helper)
-kiddie bath time and bed
-Dale and I flop on the couch to watch our newest Netflix movie"The Invention of Lying" it is so bad we turned off after 45 minutes (and we never turn off movies)
- I finish reading 'Dragonflly in Amber'
-to bed

Sunday, April 25, 2010

a week in my life: friday

- the kids get to have brownies for breakfast because we skipped dessert last night (probably the best breakfast ever in their opinion)
- Aiden excited about his Scholastic book order - Lego Star Wars book
- tidy up around the house
- Amelia and I to the gym
- 13 miles on the stationary bike
- see Rebecca at the gym at catch up for awhile
- get gas for the car
- decide to sport my 'sweat bikini' at Haggens because I don't want to go out later
- home for lunch (leftover Chinese) pretty much nullified the gym
- shower, get ready pack up to spend the night at T&M's
- pick up from school
- 4:00 Dale home from work, pack up car and head to Canada
- visit with good friends, kids play together, yummy celebratory dinner - Marty got a new exciting job
-kiddos to bed, adults visit play some cribbage
- 11:30 to bed

a week in my life: thursday

*by this point I am really not enjoying this project anymore and had decided I probably didn't need to do it again - maybe every 5 years would be good- then I thought I was more than halfway through so I'd tough it out.

- Thursdays I drive and pick up from school
- Amelia has dance class - the highlight of her week
- we went to Haggen's for lunch with friends
- Amelia had a play date with Paige
- make brownies
- girls 'help' with the clean up
- do some budgeting on the computer
- shed a ginormous pile of paper
- thought I would go to a body pump class for the first time since my knee surgery - realize I read the schedule wrong
- decide to hang out in the sunshine with a friend on the deck instead
- kids play outside
- don't feel like making dinner
- pick up Chinese take out instead
- kids bedtime routine
- Dale and I watch CSI
- I read my book (I think part of my week not being productive is because I can't stop reading this book)
- to bed

Thursday, April 22, 2010

a week in my life: wednesday

7:00 up for the day, Aiden and I have a breakfast of yogurt, kashi and strawberries, check the computer, drink coffee, make Aiden's lunch
8:30 wake up Amelia to take the kids to school, get dressed, make beds
8:55 drop off at school, drive to the gym, recycling day
9:15-10:45 physical therapy and gym time, definitely improving only need go to physio every 2 weeks now
11:30 make mac n cheese for Amelia for lunch, empty dishwasher
noon shower, temped to read my book instead of anything else on my list, snuggle with Amelia, have some hilarious playtime with Amelia...What color are green beans? What does Jesus eat?
2:30 pick Aiden up from school, after school snack of ritz peanut butter and apple
find a fun package at the front door - magazines and caramel corn
3:30 empty dishwasher, wash dishes, clean hardwood
5:30 Dale home from work, Dale working out on the elliptical (so wanted to get a picture of this but his outfit was not blog appropriate) Amelia make dinner- mahi mahi with fruit salsa, garlic potatoes and broccoli, chocolate Easter bunnies for dessert!
7:00 Aiden's 'I spy - properties of solids worksheet'
7:30 bible study
9:45 home, check on the kids sleeping
10:00 to bed


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