Thursday, July 31, 2008


This made me chuckle. I never use my cell phone ( Dale can attest) so the hands free cell law hasn't affected me but if you're short on cash this would do!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

tall ships

The tall ships are in the harbor and we hit the marina with Heather and kids tonight. The kids loved to explore the 'pirate ships'. One of the ships was used in the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean. It was a little stressful having the kids walk down the docks to the boat. Afterwards we headed to Applebee's for dinner. I think it is wise to only dine in a restaurant when there is an equal ratio of adults to children.


I was sitting at the computer this morning doing some online window shopping when I heard a scratching sound. I tracked down the sound to find this... Amelia sitting in the corner coloring on the furniture. Aiden has never colored on anything (except a few coloring book pages). Luckily this will be easy to clean up with the Magic Eraser but I want to show it to Dale first ( because I think it's kinda cute).

citrus caramel salmon

This recipe is so easy it's the only way I've made salmon for years

orange, lemon, lime sliced with peel
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/4 butter melted

place salmon on tin foil tray, place orange, lemon and limes slices on top of salmon, combine melted butter and brown sugar, place sugar mixture on top of citrus topped salmon, place on medium heat bbq for approx 20 minutes until salmon flakes easily (no need to cover while cooking)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

spray park

Yesterday we hit Fairhaven spray park with our Monday play group. Amelia loved the water sprinklers and it is a much easier way to have little ones enjoy some splashy fun. Just remember to be aware of where all the sprinklers are because they go off at different times and you might be squatting down trying to take a picture and not paying attention and next thing you know you're soaked and look ridiculous (not that I would know anything about that!)

Monday, July 28, 2008

a fine line...

between white trash and just being practical. We had T & M over for dinner on Saturday night and Dale was going to set out some drinks on ice but then he got the brilliant idea to drag his mini fridge out on the patio. I made a comment about "how white trash" we were and Dale pointed out that was a Beck's box sitting on top. WT don't drink that!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

pioneer parade

Yesterday, Dale dragged me and the kids to another small town parade. Actually it was only me that needed to be dragged. I'm usually not such a party pooper but I find the parades boring. Amelia caught some beads near the beginning of the parade and was entertained the whole time. Aiden sat across the street with a friend and caught many pieces of candy. I think he's forgotten about that bag... I had to take a picture of the red necks who brought a couch on casters to watch the parade. Lyndie, maybe this would be a good investment for you? The last float of the parade looked like the Clampet's pulling a trailer that was far too big for it. Every time it accelerated it would do a pop a wheelie. Nice. Then we headed over to the petting zoo. Dale was pretty tired by the end of the day and Aiden had to give him a piggyback ride back to the car. Do you notice the cloudy center of the pictures? I think I have really broken the camera this time.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


This week passed in a flash!

Monday: Aiden started vacation bible school and loves it. Amelia and I enjoyed our time alone together too. We headed to Zuanich after bible school and joined my neighbor and friends for another great Monday playdate. It was very windy and sunny. I overheard Aiden telling the other kids he has a spiderman kite "it's so cool!" And I completely busted him by bringing out his kite that was... Winnie the pooh. Let that be a lesson in truthfulness buddy. Your Mom will get you every time!

Tuesday: I was able tot ake Amelia to story time at the library. She absolutely loves the songs and dancing. I fear we have a future diva in the family!

Wednesday: My one year blogging anniversary and I completely forgot. I am definately going to do a blog coffe book for each year though.

Thursday: We enjoyed a nice bbq with Heather and Rebecca's families in our backyard. We rarely seem to entertain in the summer but I loved watching all the kids hanging out on the play structure and the adults relaxing and visiting.

Friday: Last day of bible school and the kids enjoyed a bouncy house and cotton candy. We headed over to the Roth's for a delicious authentic Italian dinner and to look at their vacation pictures from Italy. We really enjoyed ourselves and the food was amazing. The kids were completely entertained by their older kids so it was nice evening for all.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

here fishy, fishy...

Dale caught three fish over the week end. Aiden got a little fish anatomy lesson in the garage and then we cooked them up for dinner on Sunday. Absentmindedly, I put the fish skin down the garbage disposal and it has stunk ever since! I've tried white vinegar and ice cubes but the smell is lingering, yuck.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

boogeying in fairhaven

Dale was supposed to be home at noon today... but he wasn't. Around one I packed up the kids and headed to Fairhaven. We hit a few toy stores and grabbed an ice cream at the double decker bus. Both kids and their mama enjoyed the ice cream immensely and then we headed over to the village on the green for the concert. Aiden sat beside the 'Dirty Dan' Harris statue and I explained how he had founded Fairhaven over a hundred years ago.. and Aiden's reply was "did you know him, Mom?" Amelia enjoyed the music and was bopping to her own groove while a little girl approached Aiden and asked him to dance. His reply was 'no' but he did sit with her on her parents blanket and show her his new toy snake and show off his arm muscles.

great kid's book!

Aiden picked this book out at the library on Friday. It is such a great book for both kids and adults. I think the photographer has other books as well. I would definitely put it on your reserve list at the library. It is Yann Arthus-Bertrand Earth from Above for young readers Text by Robert Burleigh.

Friday, July 18, 2008

all by myself...

Dale has gone on a fishing trip til Sunday and left me home with the kids (cue violins). All day I have promised Aiden a bike ride if he behaves. What is up with five year old boys and listening??? This evening we go into the garage to get our bikes and I notice my bike is still dangling from the ceiling. Dale knew we would be bike riding this week end but had forgotten to get mine down. I had a moment of "forget it, this will be way too hard" but then I decided Aiden needed to see what a strong independent woman his Mom really is ( no snickering). I got a ladder and attempted to remove the bike off the hooks ( my bike is super heavy, I've had it since high school). I finally get the bike off the hooks but then the handlebars shift and I'm going to drop it on my car so I threw it. Thankfully missing both children and vehicle. Inspecting the bike I realize I've broken the front brakes but amazingly I was able to fix it. Next step attach the bike trailer. I am starting to feel pretty good about this. We set off and halfway down the street I notice Amelia seems very close to me. I stop and the bike trailer crashes into my bike, I didn't attach it properly. I use all my strength to get the trailer on tightly and we start up a hill. I have been dreading this part of the bike ride all day and now I'm worried Amelia could disconnect and fly backwards down the hill. We miraculously make it to the top without too much effort. Aiden is becoming such a strong bike rider, needing no help up hills (not that I could've helped him). But Dale's a bit of a show off and can tow the trailer and lean over and push Aiden up the hill, arrgh!
We have a great bike ride and I'm feeling like a pretty sporty Mom and I look down and my handlebars are completely crooked from the fall and I just want to get home with out anybody seeing me.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

neighborhood carnival

Last night we headed over to the church in our neighborhood for a block party. The invitation had mentioned all sorts of fun and Aiden was pretty excited. He loved the dunk tank and bouncy houses. Aiden got his first taste of cotton candy, his face painted like batman, he was able to sit in an antique truck and even ran into a few friends to play with. Amelia played with two buckets for over a half hour (such simple times). There were two miniature horses they were able to brush and Amelia loved to touch their soft ears. A fun little break in the week night routine.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

oh, hello...

big hairy moth. This fella startled me this morning as I watered the flower pots. I think butterflies are so beautiful to watch. But moths gross me out with their fat furry bodies and big eyes.
update: Aiden has named the moth "mothball".

Monday, July 14, 2008

birch bay state park

My neighbor has planned a summer full of Monday play dates. Today it was Birch Bay State Park. I have to confess I'm not a huge fan of Birch Bay. Until today. The weather was beautiful and the kids had the greatest time. Aiden took off exploring the tide pools and playing with crabs as Amelia and I watched from the beach blanket. Amelia was happy to hang out with her mama and play in the sand and rocks close by. We went and jumped in the waves for a few minutes but otherwise she was very happy to hang out close to me. I am really looking forward to our Shuswap vacation in August.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

white water rafting

Yesterday, Dale and I along with Tracy and Martin tackled the white water rapids of the Chilliwack River. We had decided last Christmas instead of exchanging gifts we would go and do something fun without the kids. We had such a crazy time! The weather was perfect and just as we were starting to feel comfortable maneuvering the rapids one of the boats flipped over. After we fished someone out of the water our boat tipped over. I saw Tracy fall out as we hit a rock pinning our boat against it. Dale, myself, our guide and another guy were left hanging onto the side of our sideways raft as the water pushed against the rock making it impossible to move ourselves or the raft. I later found out that rock is called the 'dishwasher' because you just keep tumbling and tumbling getting stuck in the current. You know the saying "that minute felt like an eternity" well 5 minutes feels even longer. One of the guides hiked up and threw as a rope that missed the first time but eventually we were pulled off the rock. The worst part of the whole thing is I never saw Tracy came back up to the surface so the whole time we were stuck I was freaking out that she hadn't been located. Everyone pulled off to the side of the river and two people needed to get off the trip because they had been hurt.
We started off again and 20 minutes later another raft was pulled under a tree and flipped. I was starting to feel like we were on the 'bad karma cruise" and should call it a day. Apparently the guides felt the same way and we ran out of time with all our 'rescues' so we disembarked a little over halfway down the rafting trip and bussed back to the camp. Everyone besides me loved it and wants to do it again. I doubt I will.

Friday, July 11, 2008

it's going to be one of those days...

for some reason Amelia was up in the night for a couple of hours. As I stumbled into the family room this morning I found that Aiden had dumped an entire box of cereal onto the couch trying to locate the batman toy I gave him out of the box yesterday. They don't reproduce overnight buddy.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

soooo big

Amelia was insistent that she wanted to sit in the big kid swing today. She did really well. She is growing up way too fast for her mama.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

July to do list

another month, another to do list. This time it's Aiden's room:

1) make Aiden's room more big boy (his request) "I want a bookcase just like Griffin's with lots of dinosaurs!"

2) make either a roman shade or fabric roller shade for his window

3) get a dresser and organize his clothing ( the dresser is already purchased sssshhh)

4) finish his baby book ( it only goes up to 5 years but I haven't written in it since the first year. Lots of lying (catching up) to do)

5) finish his handprint tins for 4 and 5 years old

Dale has a week end fishing trip planned later this month which will provide me lots of time to finish these projects, hopefully.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sequim part 3

Okay this is the last I'll say about Sequim. I know three posts about a two day trip is silly. Sunday morning we headed up to Olympic National Park. I have wanted to check out Lake Crescent since seeing pictures of the beautiful turquoise lake last year. Marymere Falls is a short hike from the parking lot so we tackled that first. I was so surprised that the same five year old that complains about walking down the street had no problem with these 2 mile hikes. Nature is a good thing! The trail was very stroller friendly until we reached the narrow log bridges. Dale took the rear wheels off and carried the stroller over and up many steep stairs. So glad it wasn't me.
After the falls we enjoyed a picnic lunch until.... a bird attacked me and my sandwich. I screamed so loud and had such a hissy fit the entire parking lot was staring at me. I am terrified of something with wings flapping around me. These birds looked like pigeons on steroids. I think it's claws got stuck in my sweater because the sleeve is a bit unraveled now. Dale thought I completely overreacted but I finished my lunch in the car with Amelia.
We drove over to the Lake Crescent Lodge and checked things out over there. What a beautiful old lodge. Dale and Aiden played a short game of checkers before Amelia tried to pull the game over. There was an elk head over the fireplace that Amelia pointed to and said " Mooses" (sometimes I think she is part genius). I don't have many pictures from the lodge and lake because I dropped my camera and thought it was broken. I can't deny I was a little excited that maybe it was a cosmic sign that I needed to get a digital rebel. But then Dale fixed it. Isn't that great?

Monday, July 7, 2008

Sequim part 2

After we finished up at the game farm we headed over to the Dungeness Spit recreation area via Kitchen Dick Road. You don't know how much entertainment the road names in Sequim provided Dale and I. Most tourist activities can be located by taking a right on Kitchen Dick and a left on Woodcock. Actually, Dale found it much more humorous than me ( I must be so much more mature). There is a lighthouse at Dungeness Spit and we thought we would walk out and take some pictures. Until I read the sign that stated it's a 11 mile moderate hike. Definitely not a hike with children. We could barely make out the light house in the distance but plan to go back one day without kids and check it out. The kids had fun on the beach and Aiden was such a trooper doing the 2 mile hike with out complaining. By the end he was pretty wiped and hopped a ride in his sister's stroller. She was not impressed and kept kicking him and grabbing his shirt. Sibling rivalry!


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