Friday, July 31, 2009

taking a dip

in the laundry room sink. Last week Amelia came home filthy from our attempt at blueberry picking (the season hadn't started yet). I discovered the laundry room sink is the perfect size for her to be cleaned up in. I don't know why I've never used it before!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

blueberries at boxx berry

We left the comfort of our house this morning to pick some blueberries. It is still hot but not as hot as yesterday. It's funny how 95 degrees puts heat in perspective. Blueberry picking wasn't as producitve as past years due to the fact is was hot and Amelia is close to potty trained which means she wants to check out the bathrooms everywhere. We made 3 trips to the porta potty at the farm and then I had to call it a day. We stopped in at the store for an ice cream cone for the kids and flowers for me. I had hoped to pick up some more blueberries but $22 for 8lbs seemed like a rip off. Anybody know where to get them at a better price?

official term.

Dale and I have coined a new phrase. Well, we think we did, if not, just let us think we are that witty. Exercise-induced hyperhydrosis. This would explain what happens to me at the gym. I transform into a sweaty pig and if you've seen me you know I'm not exaggerating.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Harrison (not so) Hot Springs

I think Dale and I had high expectations for our anniversary week end away. Whenever your expectations are high -prepare to be disappointed. The resort is definitely a family destination and we didn't have our kids with us. My favorite part was dinner at the Copper Room. The food was delicious and I really enjoyed the band. I especially liked watching the older couples dance to songs they have probably danced to for over 40 years. As I was getting a little teared up Dale leaned over to me and whispered " can you imagine the amount of Viagra and Cialis that is in this room tonight?" That made me laugh and then we got out on the dance floor ourselves. A huge thank you to my parents for taking the kids for the week end!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

roller girl and boys.

Aiden got a pair of roller blades on Sunday. That made Amelia want to wear roller skates. Dale put on his gear and they had some fun. I have never mastered the roller skate/ice skate/roller blade thing.

Monday, July 20, 2009

the peabody

We didn't take the kids to the Museum of Natural History in NYC instead we went to the smaller scale Peabody Museum at Yale. Aiden said it was favorite part of the trip (aside from spending time with family)! Aiden followed the museum tour very closely and always had an answer to the questions (usually the wrong answer) but he was trying. Amelia got to pet a 150 million year old dinosaur bone and she did ask one of the dinosaur skeletons "did you poo?"

Friday, July 17, 2009

no wonder my kids got sick!

Looking through vacation pictures I discovered pictures of both kids smooching a penguin through the glass. Yuck. They did have a fun time at the aquarium with their cousins and were able to build cute little wooden sailboats to bring home. Amelia being able to participate in that craft was an eye opener in how big she really is. The sting ray touch tank was their favorite (the stingers had been removed in case you thought I was that reckless)!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

july 4th

We had a great July 4th on the east coast. It actually started on the 3rd. Melanie and John hosted a huge bbq. My BIL was grilling for 5 straight hours. The kids had a great time playing with their cousin's friends. In the evening there was an incredible fireworks display down at the beach. I stayed at the house and watched from the front lawn and could still see everything. Dale took Aiden down to the beach and it was Aiden's first time watching fireworks. Dale said Aiden cheered and clapped loudly after each one (guess he inherited the Letterman gene). I think we can start watching the fireworks as a family! The fourth started out just like home! The kids decorated their bikes and took part in the neighborhood parade. Aiden's bike was purple with flowers and he had no issues with that ( I was a lil surprised). After breakfast their was a potluck breakfast with the most delicious food! We had a nice relaxing day at the beach and a family bbq. A perfect fourth.

wouldn't you love this

at the end of your street? This was our first time visiting Dale's sister and family in their new home. They have a wonderful private neighborhood beach that has white sand beaches and a playground for the kids. They never need to take a beach vacation they have their own from June til October!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

nyc at night

After the Letterman show we stopped in at Crumbs bakery for a cupcake (NYC #1 rated cupcakes) I thought they were okay. Then we walked around and took a few pictures I started to feel miserable (chafed) after walking around 12 plus hours in a skirt in 90 degree weather. Dale hailed us a cab (he loves to do that in New York) and we headed back to Grand Central Station to take the train back to CT. New York at night in the summer stinks. All the garbage bags piled up in the streets and the heat that is sealed into the city with all that concrete makes for a lovely combination.


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