Friday, July 29, 2011

{thursday} 7.28.11

Today feels like one of those days I can't do anything right. Especially as a Mom. Amelia woke up whiny and grumpy. We couldn't agree on anything for breakfast until I suggested a smoothie. While making the smoothie I lifted the lid and tried to push down the frozen fruit, and wound up with smoothie all over Amelia and myself. Then I am frantically trying to get the kids and ready and out the door for 8:10. As the kids are getting in the car, the boys are throwing the booster seats in the back and Aiden informs me his friends don't use boosters. They are close to a year older than him. I have that internal struggle and decide to let them not use boosters and deal with Aiden later. When we pick up the third boy, he brings out Pokemon cards and the other two boys are start talking and trading cards, leaving Aiden out. Aiden has never been interested in Pokemon (thankfully) but I feel sorry for him being left out. He asked to go to Target last night and get Pokemon cards and I had said no, not realizing what was going on at camp this year.  I dropped the boys off at camp and Amelia at dance. I came home to get my much needed first cup of coffee of the day. My machine won't work and is flashing the descale button, perfect. I make  some french press and sit on the deck and try to catch up on this project. Time flies and it's time to pick up Amelia from dance. We eat lunch and I finally start laundry and cleaning bathrooms.Dale surprises me with flowers after work! Then he is off to go fishing with a friend for the evening. We pick up the boys and head to friend's for dinner. After dinner I did take Aiden to go get Pokemon cards. I have a confession, Pokemon cards are kind of fun, you get to sort and organize them. I helped Aiden with his new collection and then it was time for bed!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

{wednesday} 7.27.11

I love working out at home with mismatched socks and hairy legs. Aiden carpooled to camp and I drove to dance camp this morning. Afterwards, I did a quick Target run for camping supplies for the week end. Then I had a few minutes to spare before my waxing appointment. I found a free coffee card from Woods, perfect. I picked up Amelia from Mary's and stayed for lunch and a short visit. Time to return home and do something about this messy house. Then I realized the beets looked overgrown in the garden and I really wanted to pickle beets this year (last summer+no kitchen=no pickled beets). The beets weren't as big as I thought but enough o make a half recipe. I think it took almost two hours to make them and only produced 4 jars. Not worth it. Amelia worked on 'school work' while I was in the kitchen. Later I was watering the back garden and Amelia showed up in her bathing suit ready to be sprayed down. She loves getting sprayed with the hose and will even do it herself! Time to pick up the boys from camp! Home for dinner on the deck and puttering around outside. We finished the evening with some basketball. I bathed Amelia and we read stories. 8:30 bedtime for the kids. Dale and I got caught up on our week and went to bed.

{tuesday} 7.27.11

I guess I should start with what happened in the middle of the night. After I  called into work to say I would be there in 20 minutes my cell phone rang. I didn't recognize the number but answered it. It was a nurse from the day shift that had accidentally left her pager on and heard it go off. She offered to go into work for me! She would only miss an hour of sleep versus me being up all night and the following day. I could not believe it. I snuggled back into my cozy bed and fell asleep until 7:00. I decided to work out first thing before the kids were up and I lost my motivation. The kids woke up and had breakfast and Amelia wanted to make her own snack for camp, fabulous. Aiden carpooled to camp, I drove Amelia to hers and went and bought that fabulous nurse some flowers and chocolate! Once I got home I noticed the nectarines I bought were moldy (which has happened twice before, you'd think I would check). I made a sandwich for lunch and scrambled to work for 12:30. Work was busier than the day before, if possible. The time flew by and I was able to get off on time. Dale and I settled into watch our dvr'd episode of The Closer, our favorite summer show. 11:00 bedtime!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

a week in a life: summer edition: 7.25.11{monday}

It was so hard to wake up this morning! I never wake up to an alarm clock but this week both kids are doing camps. I hit the snooze button a few too many times. Guess I'll have to skip my work out:)Dragged myself to the shower and then tried to do my hair in the trendy side ponytail. Can't decide if I look like a goof but am running out of time to do anything about it. Time to wake up two very sleepy kids. Why are they only sleepy on mornings you need to go somewhere? Breakfast and making lunches feels like a school day. Loaded the kids into the car by 8:30 and we made our first stop, Camp Firwood! Aiden is so excited to be going this year. I signed him in and he chose his activities for the week. Forest exploring and sports! Amelia had a slight meltdown when she realized she wasn't going to such a super fun camp. We had a talk in the car on the way to dance camp. But I think it was one of those situations where it's hard to be little. Checked Amelia into dance camp and she was smiling again. Returned my overdue library books, oops. Next stop, hospital for my annual employee evaluation. My evaluation made my day and it was only 10:30! Picked Amelia up from camp at 11:00 and we headed home for lunch. Yummy steak salad from leftovers. It was good enough that I made two and took one to work for dinner. Had to take a icture of my Christmas socks, I wear them year round to work.12:30 babysitter arrived and I was off to work. Work was busy which is good. Had to stay late and just when I was heading out the door I found out a patient was flying in from Alaska. I decided to head home and try to catch a few hours of sleep before I would be needed. 11:30 crawl into bed with my pager on knowing I will be woken up to go back as soon as I falll asleep. 1:40 am pager went off, crawled back out of bed and started to get ready to go back in, but'll never believe what happened (I'll tell you tomorrow)


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